Hair Safety

Hair safety is a primary focus with all methods and application of hair extensions at Lucinda Ellery. Please note that a thorough consultation, whereby we explain the maintenance, upkeep, and different types of hair extensions is essential. When working with fine hair, we usually prefer to use the Polymer Bond method as we feel this is the most gentle type of application available and suitable for particularly fine hair.

We use a specific Polyamide bonding material for applying our human hair extensions which is not the industry standard. The most widely used standard bonding method involves an industrial type of acrylic adhesive. This method can be slightly more durable than the bonding method we use and if a client has great healthy, strong hair this can be a good option. However, the difficulty in the removal process and the increased risk to our clients' hair means this is not suitable for some of our clients. Providing our advice is followed and the correct brush is used, our clients should have a very safe experience using Lucinda Ellery hair extensions as we use what we feel is the safest method of application available. The application and removal process is overseen by our management team.

The same care and attention to detail goes into our synthetic hair extensions application process, although this method is more suited to stronger fuller hair. The synthetic method involves using a plaiting technique by an experienced well trained technician, also overseen by the management team. Read more information on these attachment methods.