About Lucinda Ellery Inc.

Here at Lucinda Ellery we’re all about women’s hair!

Lucinda started the company in the UK back in 1984 after extensively researching the then new phenomenon of hair extensions. Having lost much of her own hair at a very young age after the death of her father, she had longed for something to replace the hot and uncomfortable wigs that were then on offer. Inspired by the hit movie Splash! she set out to discover how the extensions used to create a convincing mermaid could be used for normal women – whether they wanted longer or thicker hair to look more glamorous, or they suffered from hair loss or thinning and just wanted to look and feel normal again.

As her expertise grew and clients heard about her approach she developed many new techniques for creating both impressively natural hair and also big, bold hair or long hair for that special occasion. Her London studio which opened in Hammersmith in 2000 has become a haven for women who need a radical makeover or that little something extra and is renowned for being a luxurious setting that puts everyone at their ease – whatever their hair is like to begin with.

Locations, locations, locations!

Since then the demand for her services has grown and new studios have opened in four other cities in the UK. Having seen increasing numbers of inquiries from the USA she decided to open a first studio in Beverly Hills in 2012 to serve the Los Angeles area, followed by Manhatten in New York in 2015. And there are more studios to come in both countries – we’re actively looking at locations in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Florida, Nashville, Phoenix, San Francisco, Texas, and Washington DC.

We have two websites in the USA to cater for the two main aspects of her work – the one this blog is connected to – www.lucindaelleryextensions.com – deals with extensions for glamour purposes, while the other one – www.lucindaellery-hairloss.com – deals with the causes of and solutions for hair loss such as alopecia and trichotillomania. There are also equivalent sites in the UK.